Request for contacts in Czechia, Poland and Germany ahead of the final event


As part of building the program for our final event, we are looking at who to invite as speakers and or panelists/discussants. We are looking for people who have interesting knowledge or experience to share that is both interesting and ideally inspiring. And who’s work is relevant to the project topics. I guess in your work as ethnographers you have come across such people? Could you maybe help me put together such a list? I just need some names and a little info about what you think makes them/their work interesting?

Ping @amelia @Jan @Richard

@nadia @Richard @amelia Many thanks for this note. I will forward this to our ethnographers. What final event is this? When? Is it just for POPREBEL? If so, I would like to make sure that people from other work packages are invited.


just for poprebel.

Hi Nadia - could you share some details of what would you like this event to look like? I have some people in mind :star_struck:

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