Research cutoff point

Hello research team! As you know, we have agreed to present two deliverables at the Futurespotters conference:

  1. a preliminary ethnography, care of @Inga Popovaite.
  2. a network analysis, care of @Benjamin Renoust.

Ben is working on an enhancement of (2) that uses ethnographic coding, but apparently he has some trouble picking up the coding. We will solve this, but in order to even test it, Inga, I need to ask you two things:

  1. Can you point to one or two posts/comments you have already coded?
  2. Is it realistic for you to finish the coding by Monday June 9th?

Both of you, I would like to receive draft reports by June 18th. However, I have a presentation to do on June 17th, and would like to include some preliminary results. So, I would like:

  • from Inga: 3-5 bullet points with preliminary findings – by this I mean trends that you seem to be spotting.
  • from Ben: 3-5 bullet points on the network and a pretty visualization. 



I will try my best to finish all the coding by 9th of June. So far it looks to be doable. As for coded posts -@Benjamin Renoust, all the Arrivals group is coded. Also, sorry for late answer - I have no idea how come I did not notice this post!

Monday evening/night. That is when the coding will be finished. @Alberto, I hope it is not too late?.And regarding a few bullet points - those will come straight after.