Research opportunity "bounded reality "

I am interested to apply for this fellowship to understand how young people formed a bounded reality of the social context. After the Arab spring and with the raising of social economy, how young people make decisions and construct the society around them. It’s still a rough, vague idea and I am looking for people to join the reflection.


Hi @khaoula, I dont think we’ve been introduced before. Nice to e-meet you!

I am not a scholar or a phd student, but let me know if I can point to any resources and materials in this community which could be useful… There have been many first hand accounts and testimonials over the years coming from the region,

Normally if you look into all the topics in Open Village, or perform searches, you should get to interesting stuff,
Best of luck!

Hello @khaoula, nice to meet you from me too.

I am not sure I understand completely what a bounded reality is. Your Arab Spring angle would appeal a lot to me if I were one of the people processing the application. Your main challenge is to integrate it into the theme:

Starting from the negative vantage point of moments of erosion of societal reason, the objective is to investigate anomies, social pathologies, and regression in social institutions. […] Our research addresses issues pertaining to crises of “democratic ethos” as well as – in a positive vein ― the foundations of social solidarity in society.

The way I see it, you can claim that the post-Spring period saw a regression in social institutions, just when everyone was expecting progress. What happened? Can you make your bounded reality intuition into a hypothesis? If you can, then you have all the elements: your proposal can attempt to disprove this hypothesis in the context of the post-Spring. Or, “in a positive vein”, how the young veterans of the Arab Spring turned to the social economy when the politics became unworkable – we have quite a few people here on Edgeryders that did just that, moved from being politically active to being social innovators.

Best of luck!