Research Team: Calling on your help for further Network Analysis

Dear everyone,

We’ll now need to push further the network analysis and have a look at interactions across countries.

For that, we’ll need the information of countries of origin for each user, and @Alberto told me I may ask you: @Noemi, @Inga, and @Matthias for help. Similarly, it will be wonderful to have the age category filled for everyone (and I have most of it already). We want of course to keep everybody’s privacy, but this information will help us very much in pushing further the SNA.

Thanks again!

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I fully support this

It is useful and relatively easy. @Matthias, your role is to act as a privacy/ethics watchdog; @Noemi and @Inga, yours is to provide the data. I imagine you already know who is from where; the age group information probably requires an email blast or something.

The main question is where to store these data. The best place for data maintenance etc. is of course the user profile. Matt, do you think it is acceptable if we do opt-out? That is, we write people in STF and tell people “look, we are putting your country in the profile for research purposes. If you wish for that NOT to happen, write to us or simply edit your user profile and remove the information.”?