Research Team: Network Analysis

Here are preliminary results of our network analysis.

After analyzing 11119 comments and 2415 posts, we drew a network of 501 interconnected users with 2797 direct contacts. Here is the shape of the network (I’ll leave Alberto reveal a more beautiful visualization of this network… :slight_smile: In orange is all activity related to STF.

Now digging into this STF activity, we have 128 participants, with 384 interactions (35 of them are actual replies to themselves ;)).

Overall you have produced altogether 2791 comments, among which 1319 have been produced since, and 910 are STF-related content.

33 participants have only exchanged discussions with one and only one other participant.

Now, the ethno tagged content concerns 95 users, around 255 edges, and 718 of the STF comments (with still 22 interesting self comments ;))

But the big question here is what are the discussions talking about?

Your favorite topics are (with their relative occurrence):

cooperation 77
offline-meeting 47
egypt 30
armenia 30
storytelling 28
georgia 21
stf-approach 20
interest-implementation 20
yerevan 19
tbilisi 18
social-media 17
logistics 17
cairo 17
similar-initiatives 16
govenrmental-institutions 14
maps 13
open-source-software 12
bottom-up 12
fundraising 11
active-participation 11
sharing-experience 11
unmonastery 10
challenges 10

or in an image :

(should you want to know more… here: tags.xlsx)

and how do those topics overlap? here you have a different picture…

Well, more to come soon…


That looks fantastic!

spot the future event - research matrix

after the event in Tbilisi , hope that the data is much more richer through our discussions within edgeryders network by having participation from all over the world not just europe .