Réseaux Solidaire: Meet Jean and Claire, creator and particpant in this network

Réseaux Solidaires is a new organization in Brussels that is working around a direct approach towards less exclusion for people that have social, medical or therapeutical problems. They aren’t online creating a community and platform but rather in the streets and at each others home. Because the thing that differences this organization and others is that every member is at the same time care giver and care taker. What they want to create is a feeling of comprehension toward each other and toward the external world. With their discussions and events they create empowerment for the people inside the platform. At the Brussels workshop of OpenAndCare two of them where participating. This is their story:


Le projet Réseaux solidaires veut lutter contre les ruptures sociales, voire médicales et thérapeutiques. On veut développer l’entraide et l’empowerment. On a commencé début août un atelier, ouvert à tous (nous sommes aujourd’hui 4), sur le capitalisme et le néo-capitalisme, avec un accent particulier sur les exclus du système qui, en privilégiant la concurrence, en laisse beaucoup sur la touche. Une journée de rencontre sur ce thème est prévue en décembre 2016, réunissant des malades (en santé mentale ou pas), des allocataires sociaux, des sympathisants de la cause des exclus. Une première étape sera le développement d’un volontariat axé sur la fonction, entre autres, d’aidant proche. Mais la personne aidée sera aussi actrice. L’axe formation, écoute, non-jugement sera très important. Lutter contre les ruptures sociales. Volontariat autour de l’aidant proche.

What I want to do ?

Building bridges. Mixing people together fragile or disabled people and learn how to help each other. I struggle in many organization which I felt didn’t had the good comprehension of social situations. Start things by a good understanding is the key for me. I NEED to create real interaction within social world. I come from a personal fragile life where I have an orphan sickness and I don’t have any family anymore. When I was having health issues I wasn’t taken serious by the hospital, and because I was alone it was difficult to find the energy to prove my sickness. I want a network where people like me can feel save but also feel useful to other people by telling their story and sharing their thoughts. Instead of finding healthy people to help unhealthy people, why not find people with likewise problems to help each other. It isn’t easy at all, but it would be a step forward if such a network could exist.

These are the values where she wants to work around: solidarity, sharing & transmission of knowledge & resources. The basic for her is that we create a place where the people listen to each other, because there is for her the key. If we create that base, the rest is possible for her.

‘Avant tous était fait par les parents, famille, maintenant c’est les aide social, mais c’est pas le meilleur modèle, on doit reprendre cette responsabilité. ‘


Is also a member of the association “réseaux solidaires” : a group to help people with mental health issues and who are isolated from society There’s no website he says, everything is person related. He is a member because he is sick himself.

He is interested by the collaborative systems, how they work without any incomes and business revenu model and capitalism structures. Within the social sector, he wants to have more perspective about this new system. A thought: a basic income could sustain the collaborative economy…

He’s looking for contacts, an informatician who can create a friendly and intuitive website, easy to use, but also to make known the initiative  “Réseaux solidaires” to other mentally ill patients, and to raise the awareness about the subject.

If you have any ideas you can contact Claire (andreclaire21@yahoo.fr) in French and Jean (duckkington58@yahoo.fr) in English or French.

Isn’t it easier to join an existing project?

Hi @RéseauxSolidaires, it was great to meet both of you in Brussels. Sorry for writing in English, it comes easier to me…  I am wondering whether it isn’t easier to join forces with another group in town working already on this? If it doesn’t do the very human approach you are arguing for, perhaps making a project with them is a first step. Remember our last session at HUIS VDH where this was an advice we shared with each other?

Bonne chance!


Yes we are thinking about that ‘piste’, trying to bring together existing organizations!