Rethink how we use, package and produce Community Content

Not only is effective use of collaboratively produced content important for growing our practical knowledge and supporting our intellectual development.  It can also serve as a source of inspiration and pleasure. When it’s really good it also contributes towards encouraging mutual support and facilitating meaningful collaboration between community members.

In the first community call after lote4 we discussed how the sense of community can be preserved after the conference (notes here). Different suggestions (working on creating co-living situations, storytelling, creating businesses) were proposed, and we ended up focusing mostly on the storytelling part. Also it seems a key thing we had somehow underestimated in all the practicals is this togetherness thing. What it means and why everything is so different, better, when you are doing it with people you like. Another thing to take into account is the differences between Tribe A and Tribe B that Jimmy and Helen reflected on in Matera (ref: Jimmy’s post).

We have thousands of pages and documentation on the platform. It’s a rich and deep repository of stories and knowledge. And we will be producing a lot more content…

Keeping in mind that we have no other resources than the time each of us can contribute, what are small things we can do together so that community content is contributing towards achieving our baseline goals ?

An example I set up for a different event

check out @SamMuirhead , @Noemi@NicoBis and @Ben

What do you guys think?