Rethinking Al Meida ( Ablution spaces )

What is Wudu' ( Ablution )

It’s what all muslims do before praying . Simply it’s washing different parts of the body like hands , face , feet in a specific order to prepare for the prayer .

The main problem is wasting water as the water tap - in it’s design - isn’t compatible with the process of Wudu’ . as it should be open for the whole process .

The purpose of this project

is to produce a cheap DIY open source hack for the water taps in the mosques ( usually the normal ablution space contains 5-15 taps , depends on the size ) .

there are lots of solutions for saving water but it needs to be remixed/ hacked in order to be compatible with the Wudu’  process

The Impact

it’s not like saving water in agriculture but if the model could be replicated in a big portion of the muslim world , you do the math considering that this is done by all muslims  (who practice praying) around the world 5 times a day .

although there is a lot of Quran verses and Prophet sayings that encourages Saving resources especially water , most of the effort done in this field in Al wudu’ is focusing on awareness campaigns , or installing water saving taps , and both in my point of view ignore the main problem which is the water tap itself

Skills needed

industrial designers , arduino experts , mechanical engineers , reusing experts enthusiasts …

what's after the Hackathon

Apply this in a mosque or two as a prototype and measure how much water is being saved and collect feedback from users , then updating the solution(s)

Fund could be easily acquired as - speaking about cairo - there is always money spent on mosques to paint , maintenance and carpets  …etc ( collected via Sadaka and zakaa)

will update this with more info about the solutions that could be remixed .and may be more info about Wudu’ for those who are not familiar with the situation

there is an expensive machine for that is so efficient but very expensive , should be a datum to evaluate the solutions we come up with