Rethinking the structure of data for SSNA in network form

I just noticed my browser screen notified me I had logged out.

So, just to test, I clicked on Log In which brought me back into Amelia’s personality … :slight_smile:
Again, the screenshot showing Amelia’s thumbnail picture on the top right.


Hahaha ok this is crazy.

But I just remembered that I logged @amelia out the wrong way … we modified the Discourse account system so that our logins are via I just logged out Amelia there … now that should solve it :slight_smile:

Ahhhh, feels better, now I sense I am myself again – not that being Amelia wasn’t funny though :slight_smile:

Thanks for fixing this.


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Ah! Might be it, you’re right. I didn’t remember, but now that you mention it … Anyway, Matthias was able to force a logout on Amelia (well, me as Amelia, ain’t that a bit schizophrenic???), and now I’m back in my own and only true personality – well, that’s what I thought until yesterday.

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I know so much about computer science now! :wink:

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Dears , this is a good discussion, i am new to this (although not new to forums based discussions). Do you guys document the conclusions of the discussions somewhere in some versioned format ?

Software documentation?