Review and approve TORs for the contract between Antiheroes and Edgeryders

Here it is. I based it on the ER cash flow projection made at the retreat.

@Noemi, this should probably be wrapped into the standard ER contract boilerplate… which I cannot find right now. :slight_smile:

Almost there…

I added details of our companies and something on intellectual property.

@ireinga can you fill in the details of your bank account?

Bank details added

Shall we discuss some contract details during the call? Let’s close it by this week!


Let me know if I need to sign it or you guys went ahead.

I am happy with it

For me it’s OK.

Client targets

Had to be discussed during the last Community call but I forgot to put it in the agenda. Shall we do it this Friday and then close the contract?


@Noemi waiting for your signature :slight_smile:


Thanks! I don’t have a digital signature so I uploaded in the folder a scanned copy of the signed document.