Review meeting: an organization for WP2

After speaking with @nadia, this is going to go as follows.

Preparation. The slides are mostly done. @Nica, can I ask you to integrate the final recommendations by @Richard and @Jan?

Thursday 16th at 13.00. Edgeryders to be represented by Nadia and myself. I will deliver the presentation and take any questions. Note: Jan might not be there because of personal reasons. After the presentation I will leave, and Nadia will ensure presence. @marina, can you confirm the presentation is to be at 14.15 and last 25 minutes + Q&A?

Friday 17th at 13.00. Edgeryders to be represented by @ivan.

In the last agenda that I have (also on the Drive), it says WP2 is from 15h15 to 16h.

I think I will recover from the flu, but Friday it is in the morning only, not at 13, right? Or the agenda has changed?

@alberto @ivan @marina @nadia

Dear All,

we are indeed starting in the morning on Friday at 8:45 am. On Thursday, WP2 is scheduled for 15:30 – 16:15. These changes were introduced mostly by our Commission partners. If I see any further change in the final schedule I should get in a moment, I will let you know immediately.

I am in Brussels already and would not mind a drink a bit later, if anybody’s game… Ciao


Unfortunately I am at a concert tonight, long since booked. Shame about that drink!

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