Revising the process for pre-feasibility and feasibility studies: proposal

Hey @reef-building, Sarah and I have prepared a proposal on speeding up the process for sending (promising) sites for a feasibility study. Could you please peer-review it so that we can present it at the next plenary (or amend it of course)? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Hi @Sophie_B

The new PFS process is on the agenda of Tuesday’s plenary. Can you take care of a quick post to Team Building, so that the entire Team is familiar with the proposal and can peer review it if wanted? Or would you like someone else to take over?

@Lee : i think this is the post about the PFS-FS process…

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Thanks for that Els! It seems like I missed it because it was in the general affairs thread.

@reef-building can we conclude that we are ready with this proposal?

If yes, ideally we should ask a couple of people to peer review it before we send it to the plenary.

Also: who will be presenting this at the plenary meeting?

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for me this proposal is pretty clear/sound, so for me: ready for people to peer review and then present it to the plenary


I will be at the plenary and could present it, unless @Sarah would like to do it (seeing that you mainly wrote it)?

@manuelpueyo and/or @ChrisM could you have a look at this proposal for simplifying the process that leads to a feasibility study (ideally before the plenary on Tuesday)? Sorry that this is really late notice… Thanks a ton!


Looks good to me :slight_smile:

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