Revolutionary medicine idealist

Hi all,

My name is Frank Coughlin.  I’m based in New York City, NY, working as an Emergency Medicine doctor in the city’s oldest public hospital.  I’m a member of 1882 Woodbine and one of the co-founders of the Woodbine Health Autonomy Resource Center.  We are an open access health resource center in the neighborhood of Ridgewood, NY.  We are involved in the creation of local health autonomy.  We are working to meld Western models and institutions of medicine with holistic and tradional skills.  Our goal is to build a foundation for health which allows us to use and manipulate health institutions to fit our needs, not to become dependent on them for our survival.  It is our aim that by addressing one of our basic human needs, health, it allows us the space to further ideals of revolutionary change in a world that seems designed to destroy us.  For more information on our projects, please see Woodbine Health Autonomy Center and After Occupy.

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Good to meet you!

Hi Frank, thanks for introducing yourself and for joining OpenandChange project of projects so to speak, in such great capacity. Woodbine rocks :)