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Join & Participate - Welcome to Edgeryders!

Who are we?

  • a global community of (mostly) young Europeans
  • we aspire put our time and effort into solving the global societal, economic, environmental, security and energy problems threatening Europe and humanity in general
  • we care about things like open access to knowledge; openness and transparency of government; food security; smart communities; decentralised economic architecture; free/open source software; and art.

If you think you might be one of us, do join.

Please let us know about yourself! How?

  • You can share your story from the Edge. This will allow other Edgeryders to connect to you. If you are unsure what to do, talk to Noemi, she is really friendly and will help you figure out what to do with this strange bunch. (And there's also a User Manual.)
  • Bring what you care about! This site is organized around projects: you can join, read, post or comment on any existing ones, and create your own about something you work on or care about.
  • Apart from the community to discuss and collaborate on your projects, Edgeryders also is a social enterprise. Here, we are building the kind of thing that connects young, radical ideas with clients. A platform that makes it possible to do good work by acting as an interface that gives more legibility to good people, knowledge and projects. If you want to get involved here, there are lots of ways.