Rewrite the budget in standard form

Our budget is more detailed than requested. Writing it like this was necessary, but ultimately we need to produce two tables more or less like in the example document, pages 50 (WPs by partners, divided in staff and non-staff costs) and 51 (WPs broken down into tasks by partners). I write “more or less” because it seems there are new guidelines I am not familiar with (budget table in the administrative proposal form; table 3.4a, that should come quite naturally from the partner’s budgets; table 3.4b, which is an unknown. With the present budget, 3.4b is required for Edgeryders.

This task consists of doing the aggregation work, ready for copy-paste.

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I suggest we all put down the totals in the Total budget sheet. I found a slight overlook in the WeMake budget sheet, @Cristina_Martellosio have a look in your budget sheet? I think the total amount doesn’t include I24. Then I tried to add the person months…

Then I also noticed you haven’t included the 15% indirect costs… or are they somewhere?

Anyway, just a heads up, then you can work out your numbers as you wish.

Thanks Naomi, I just updated our sheet.

Detailed budget in Section 3 of the Submission Form

This is a section to be uploaded by the person submitting, before the Technical Annex with the detailed proposal.

We have a template that looks like this and pretty much it:

I have no idea what E, G, I refer to. Currently in all our budgets “Other direct costs” include everything that is not personnel - travels, technology & equipment, services. For example, @melancon I remember you budgeted for acquisition of technology at some point, which now has gone in “Other direct costs”. Please someone check if that is where it should be going.

I could use a double check on the numbers please! (see the spreadsheet where I’m computing them).


E does not apply to us. I will be pre-filled to 100%. I have no idea with G is.

Milano Indirect costs

@Costantino @Cristina_Martellosio I see in the spreadsheet that you haven’t budgeted indirect costs for Milano, is there a reason for that or should we add it in as 25%?

Hi Noemi, I don’t know. You have to ask to Rossana Torri (, because we have only the costs they gave us three weeks ago.


Indirect or non-staff?

In H2020, indirect costs are always 25% of direct costs. Clearly Milano forgot to add those :slight_smile:

Milano’s budget seems quite large – it seems like there might be some double counting. Let’s ask @Luciascopelliti.

Direct costs = staff costs + non-staff costs.

Non staff costs = travel + events + software licenses + …

No idea neither

HI @Noemi, I have no idea either of what these E, G, and I column stand for (although my guess is column I is automatically filled by the system, but I didn’t go that far with the forms. (I spent lots of time trying to figure out how to handle the pdf form outside Chrome.


Last mile: Justifying “Other direct costs”

Hi all,

There is a table to fill for each Partner “if the sum of the costs for’ travel’, ‘equipment’, and ‘goods and services’ exceeds 15% of the personnel costs for that participant (according to the budget table in section 3 of the proposal administrative forms)”. The percentage is higher than 15 for all of us except WeMake.

Please see page 64 and onwards in the application - we need to detail our non-personnel related costs for each partner, broken down into Travels, Equipment and Other services. Normally these should be taken from the spreadsheets, but anything you can contribute to be convincing, please do!

A simpler way

Noemi, I suggest:

  1. We do this top down. Everyone should have budgeted for travel – that's easy. Everything else (workshops and the open call) is "other".
  2. I will add some language in the structure of delivery part to argue for offline events + call as a key part of our online stuff.

ok done

So it was intuitive for some, less for others. For example LaBRI budgeted for other services in WP4, but  I couldn.t tell exactly from reading the description what the amount was for… If @melancon can check then great, if not good to go.