Robert (Bob) Palmer

I work internationally on a wide range of cultural projects in the areas of cultural policy and strategy, organisational development, festivals and events, issues related to cultural resilience, innovation, cultural rights and the cultural development of cities. I was formerly the Director of Culture and Cultural and National Heritage for the Council of Europe based in Strasbourg, France (2006-2013).
I was the Director of two European Capitals of Culture (Glasgow and Brussels), published a report for the European Commission evaluating European Capitals of Culture, was the Chair of the European Jury that selects European Capitals of Culture, and advised many cities that have received the ECoC designation, including the most recent Leeuwarden (2018), Matera (2019), Plovdiv (2019) and Galway (2020).

Hot topics for me (and Edgeryders): how culture and creativity can change lives; new processes of co-creation and co-curation; cities as incubators of artistic invention; creativity in bureaucracy; re-inventing cultural institutions and structures. Not interested in: raising money for other people to do their work.