Roddymoor Allotments, County Durham, England

6:30 minute video

“They say that community service is dead, but its not dead it is just sleeping.  You just have to give it a little shake. There is loads of help out there.”

“Around a year ago I got made redundant from work, my partner works so we thought well, I got made redundant I might as well take the allotment on and grow as much food as I can, so I can feed us as much as I can, and not have to buy it from the supermarket.”

“These are just jams made with wild produce. These are hedgerow raspberries from the woods and these are just berries that you find in the hedgerow, like elderberry, blackberry just foraging. “Food for free” that is what I call it. “

“That is what allotments are all about. It is about individual people working together as a group. There is a community spirit here that we want to do things for the village. We got the kids here and we will be able to say we have a project here to hand over to you that is a damn site better than what it was when we started.”