Rossella Bargiacchi on the edge

I would like to nominate @rossellab as an Edgemapper. The reason is that she is trying something that, I suspect, many more people would like to do, but they don’t dare to: leaving the devil you know (an academic career, admittedly very precarious but well chartered) for the devil you don’t (being a designer). In so doing, Rossella stakes out that particular territory for the rest of us. In perfect Edgeryder style, she is bearing all the risks of failure herself, but if she succeeds she can show the way to the rest of us.

Of Rossella’s story, I liked the simple triumphs of being able to be creative and to get some paid work for it (even though that does not pay the entire rent). I also find interesting the clear (and terrible) role played by the financial crisis in her story. I recommend everybody reads it here.