Routines for social media outreach: Especially relevant to community managers


Just add the headline and url in the spreadsheet. In the end everything on that spreadsheet is a status update so content from the platform and content from other sources go out in the same stream

@noemi apparently I do not have access to the very spreadsheet you just refered to

@MariaEuler I added the news stories in the spreadsheet Nadia linked to in her instructions.

The one I linked with tags is one which community managers in POPREBEL are helping translate all the Wellbeing in Europe indicators. Nadia should have given you access if you needed it.

Can we haz some friendly fire for this week’s nuwz from ze crus pleeze <3

  1. add your own news in a comment
    What is happening in your worlds this week?

  2. Help spread it by retweeting/sharing it via your channels: Https://

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I followed the weekly routine - think it’s better for community managers, and filled out the spreadsheet.

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