RSS feed for all challenge responses in opencare?

Request from opencare partners who are launching new call for stories and would like to better filter website content for newcomers.

"I noticed that on the channel there is an Rss feed (see at the bottom here:

From what I understood the channels are like tags: therefore a post can be listed in more than one of these channels here:

Is there a way to see an RSS feed of all the Stories :

Thanks!! "

Missed this :frowning: But solved now.

@Noemi Saw this way back, forgot completely, saw it again when @Nadia reminded me.

So I just added a RSS feed icon to the bottom of views containing all responses from one Challenge Chain, for example the one for Op3enCare as requested by the consortium partners:

It will display a RSS feed containing all the challenge responses to all challenges in that challenge chain (remember, challenge chain is just a set of challenges). The RSS feed is “all at once” (no pager),  though I could change that if there is a need.

Forgot to close task. Closing.

Thank you!

Fyi @Costantino

Another possibility


  1. not only the challenge responses, but also the op3ncare-community group.
  2. changes automagically to reflect the changes in the opencare master view:
  3. RSS settings can be customized here:
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They have the luxury to choose, then :slight_smile: No. 2 and 3 also apply to the RSS button I added to the Challenge Responses view, as it’s also implemented as a “Feed” type view display:

With Discourse it’s really easy to get an RSS feed from any of the topics, just by adding .rss to the end of the URL, so for example : if you wanted to get the following answers to this topic, the URL would be : RSS feed for all challenge responses in opencare?


Good catch! Will put it in the FAQs… whenever I get around to make a FAQs.