RSVP - Tweetstorm for OpenVillage festival - September 16th 2017

On it… - updated : )

@owen @nadia I think we should slow down… give tweets some time to catch…

Maybe add Storify to harvesting tools…? Future community call on harvesting plan would be good. Thanks to all who organised the Tweetstorm - can see how that could be useful for other projects too.


Nice work on putting this into a coherent form… I sent it out in our newsletter. We could do with better ways of archiving and documenting these things, maybe a central archive for all twitter events/newsletters/blog posts… Something to discuss on Wednesday.

@owen as we are now discussing harvesting for the festival, curious if social media should play a role in this: what are your thouhgts following the twitterstorm? did you publish analytics after all?

Google analytics did not pick up the traffic to the subdomain, as the tracking script was not in place on those pages (I assumed it would pick up to all all domains/subdomains on the server)… My bad, but it is fixed now. I can say there has been an uptick in active users on the main platform in the past month, whether this is due to the Tweetstorm event or not I cannot tell without having the data for

I like what @Gehan did with [Storify] ( If we could put together a collection of tweets for each theme into a narrative and display them on a page it would be useful for prepping a context for questions/topics. What do you think?

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Yes, that works for me, maybe bring this up tonight during the call - Gehan should have news about the harvesting.

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Also, this is really amazing, perfect capture. Had to stop and breathe on a wednesday morning when i saw it…
This, but with questions. We can print A5s in color to have reflective questions on site at the feastival - about 15 most interesting? @gehan would that be useful?


I think that’s a great idea… A5 or A4 - the analogy I always think of is like ‘seeding clouds’ of conversation.