RSVP - Tweetstorm for OpenVillage festival - September 16th 2017

Hello Everyone

In the run-up to the festival and in coordination with our first workshop in Morocco, we are planning a Tweetstorm that will take place on Saturday 16th of September at 11AM CET.

What is a Tweetstorm?

A ‘tweetstorm’ is a series of related tweets posted by a Twitter user in quick succession. Think of it as a long thread focused on a single topic - in our case OpenVillage festival. It’s a good way of disseminating information that goes beyond the 140 character limit as well as motivating people to participate and share the topic to their own followers.


As we are following a precise schedule we need to coordinate on what will be tweeted out and by whom. Not all tweets will come from the Edgeryders account, so we will be asking our curators to contribute their own tweets which we will repost on our account - this way we convey a broader scope and reach more people.

I have structured the event into five main sections (thanks to Noemi for her previous example):

  1. INTRODUCTION - EDGERYDERS & OPENVILLAGE (@nadia, @noemi, @alberto)
  2. THEME - Open Science (@winnieponcelet )
  3. THEME - Architecture of Love (@gehan)
  4. THEME - Revolutionary Care (@woodbinehealth, @nicole)
  5. EPILOGUE - The future of OpenVillage & The Reef MENA (@nadia, @matthias)

For the curators involved (@winnieponcelet , @gehan, @woodbinehealth, @nicole, @noemi) we also need to include a brief bio of yourselves, which I will put into a graphic so they can be longer than 140 characters, but not too long. We’ll use these to introduce each theme.


The tweetstorm will last about 20-30 minutes and will be followed by an open Q&A for 30 minutes. That allows for roughly five minutes per section, so please keep your tweets clear and succinct.

The event will take place on September 16th, a week from now, so we need to move forward fairly quickly.

Please fill in the shared spreadsheet with your tweets. The deadline for drafts is September 14th so we have enough time to finalise everything, including promotional graphics and translations, beforehand.


To reach the maximum number of people in every demographic we will be tweeting in multiple languages - English, French, Arabic are the main ones, but we are open to others (our last event also included Dutch & Georgian).

I can assist with the French, if @Hazem you can translate into Arabic. Anyone else who can help with this, please ping me.

Any questions, requests, alterations to the format, please comment below.


Great, I’m in!

But: if we are to involve people ("#Twitterstorm is starting, all welcome") I guess we’ll need to explain what it is they are supposed to do to get involved.

Also, there needs to be a hashtag that recurs in all tweets, otherwise there is no identity of the T-Storm.

I suggest a “recruitment phase” pre T-storm. We’ll need a landing page with instructions (do a search for the hashtag #OpenVillageFest, retweet things, join the “war room” chat…). The recruitment phase could even just be the hour before the T-storm itself.


I agree! Instead of landing, I would just send out/ circulate a flyer with the instructions. I thought about using the riot Campfire chatroom for onboarding and live chatting in public, but this would just be a distraction from where we really want everyone to meet, which is here:

Owen, here’s my bio and a photo… I will be adding tweets this week … but I’m sure there’s more skilled copy people in edgeryders who would do a much better job!- each tweet should have #openvillage in them no?

A co-founder of Edgeryders, practicing community management, or attention as care to those of us struggling to fit under-resourced good work in current social and economic systems. We are on a quest to build community institutions which fill that gap.

@natalia_skoczylas see the list of contacts I added from the network and add more people/ orgs we can ping?

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Yayyy! Im in!

Bio: My role at Edgeryders is to develop practices, technologies and business models for collective sense-making. Currently building the OpenVillage, an R&D lab for thriving in the post-job economy. Helps large collectives and organisations to think and work from the future.

I’ll try to be in, it will be 2am here in SF. Will prepare the tweets by the 14th.

A mix of engineer, entrepreneur, biologist and storyteller. Trying to do more with science by stimulating cooperation, openness, inclusiveness and other values. I’m working across education, research and communication. Together with a splendid team I started several non-profits and companies dedicated to these causes.

@owen is it possible to add here on the page instructions, then a list of tweets + flyers people can choose from?

I also took the liberty to create a facebook album with the festival flyers, for people who dont use twitter, so maybe link to it too.


I’ll also join the Tweetstorm event.

And I second what Noemi said. We run a bit into the danger of over-organizing / lack of clarity, which is bad b/c it makes Tweetstorms less fun to be part of. Which was their attraction after we invented them …

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Completely agree! We have too much going on anyway, so we make this the landing and coordination point, and update the page with content until Saturday. During the storm, we keep an eye out here.
Discourse is great notifying you quickly when someone comments - so its gonna be close to live chatting :slight_smile:

Thanks for the bios everyone - @gehan, @woodbinehealth @nicole - send me yours when possible :slight_smile:

I’d added mine to the first tab on the google sheet. Maybe not where its supposed to go… so here it is:

Gehan curates the Architectures of Love theme; exploring the conditions that generate health and support care. How might these insights reshape how we understand the role of policy so it enables rather than displaces peer-to-peer care. Gehan is a community organiser and a co-founder of GalGael in Glasgow, Scotland - pioneering new forms of working together and peoplehood

If it’s too long delete the second sentence.

Hey, thanks for all the info. Here is my bio:
“My driving question is to understand and develop the necessary infrastructure to create care that is revolutionary as well as leads toward revolution. Working as an emergency medicine doctor in the U.S., I’m part of the Woodbine collective in NYC, experimenting with the ways to build health autonomy and and collective power.”

Its gonna be 4a where I’ll be, so thats gonna be tough. Will add to the list of tweets though. Nicole is pretty strapped right now, sent her an email though about the bio.

Here is a flyer with basic guidelines

And I have created a landing page with pre-composed tweets to share:

I’m putting them on our social media accounts, but please also share them on your own networks :slight_smile:

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I’ve added open science tweets to the spreadsheet!

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I REALLY like the landing Owen, nice work! I can see people on twitter already sharing the example tweets. For good or bad… hopefully they’ll join Saturday too :slight_smile:
For some reason there’s no scrolling the page except by clicking on the numbers on the left… but then you can’t see all the info- example: on my screen I only see the first line for Who is going to be there? and same for the tweets - can’t scroll to those on the bottom page.

Uff ok, i am squeezing this out of my super fried brain today (I slept 2 hours, I am right now waiting for the transfer to Frankfurt and flying slowly but surely to the Reef)

So this would be the press release to be sent tomorrow. You can hammer it as hard as you like :slight_smile: I will be offline until tomorrow midday. But then I will surely have some tweets with the stories from last year and I will join the twitterstorm, damn, from the same time zone! What a luxury :slight_smile:

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I did some translation in french and added 3 personal tweets (a bit late I know :s)
I think that you should be more didactive and tell a story about what edgeryders and openvillage is about since a lot of people doesn’t know about it.

Plus, where is it in Brussels exactly?


Hi !

I’m in, tuned from Rabat. Allready did some translation into french, continuing it as we speak.

See you tomorrow ! my twitter is > @sim_morin

A place called La Serre. I am unsure where it is exactly – maybe in Rue Gray.

Thanks to everyone for prepping so well, we will be starting in 10 minutes! @nadia, @noemi, @alberto, @winnieponcelet, @gehan, @woodbinehealth, @nicole, @matthias


@owen: @baderdean makes a good point, I could not find information on the location of the OpenVillage Festival. I remember @noemi saying it is in a place called La Serre, but could not find it on Google (many places called that in Brussels).

Any chance for a last-minute fix?