I’m an artist/researcher new to Saarbrucken and I’m looking to connect with projects in the region. I’m interesting in collaboration, regenerative cultures, urban ecology, pluralism and critical gaming. Recently escaped from the London bubble so I’m looking to make connections and learn about all sorts of projects throughout Europe. Look forward to hearing from you about your projects. Zara B.


Welcome! What sort of art and research do you do?

Hi John, i’m a bit of a generalist! My MFA thesis was the role of Art in Placemaking and mediating man and nature, looking at Agnes Denes and phenomenology.
Right now, I’m looking at physical perception of place, specifically the cultural and emotional construction of place which means that I’m in new territory, cognitive neuroscience and pedagogy and biofeedback/sensor technology.

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Hello @zarab. Do you consider Brussels to be in the general Saarbrücken area? Some of us are based in BXL, and @nadia and @noemi especially have contacts in the arts/creative scene in town.

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@alberto Definately, have trains will travel! Missing having a community of practice and keen to do the work and get involved!

Ok, so leaving this up to them. Ping @nadia @noemi.

hi :slight_smile: At the moment several of us are pretty focused on this thing happening in Brussels on November 29. It might be a good context to start a conversation?