Salon de l'Habitat Groupé (08/05 2022)

Habitat & Participation is organising a cohousing fair on 8 May in Brussels. They kindly made reference to The Reef in the list of cohousings that will be present.

Also interesting is a number of workshops that may be of interest to The Reef. I’m thinking of the one governance and good practices for meetings, how to welcome asylum seekers and how to create links with the neighbourhood (Casa Nova is an interesting example).

More information can be found here:

Instant thought: if there would be people who attended our public presentation last Thursday and who don’t know what to do with their enthusiasm, please feel welcome and encouraged to do either of two things: 1) join us at our stand to hand out flyers, so that one of us can go to a session that they really want to attend, 2) go to a session yourself and write up a short report on this forum. In that case, please send us an email or reply to this thread so that we can see how we can get organised.

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Hello @reeflings , here is a quick update on the salon

at the table we are going to show

  • flyers: should be printed on wed 4 of may.

  • poster: i have ordered to the organisers a panel. posters should be printed on 4 of may. @Lee could you pick them on thurday at the print shop ic print? i can pick them up on thursday at your place. fingers crossed, :crossed_fingers:

  • video: i will bring my computer and we will have the video turning in loops. no audio. just to show some faces and the collaborative nature of the project.


Sunday 8 of may. it’s starting at 10:00, @manuelpueyo and @ugne can be there from 10 to 14:00
if you can make it after 1400 would be cool to have you there @Lee @alberto

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Thanks a lot @manuelpueyo!

  • Picking up the prints: on it.
  • Salon: at the moment it’s not sure whether my health will allow me to be there, unfortunately. To be confirmed.
  • Video: I like the idea of having a video and showing some faces, but I don’t feel comfortable at all with the videos that date back to the conception of The Reef in 2019 as a co-living. All the sponsorship and logos at the end of the video (KIC, Edgeryders etc) may also give a false impression IMHO. A possible alternative could maybe be a video on cohousing in general, like it was (coincidentally) proposed in an email we received in the Protonmail today? @alberto what do you think?

Thank you for coming to the salon, I think the video looks great. it’s a pity we just throw it away.

I agree with the logos but we could ask the video maker to send us a copy without the logos? anyway it’s not a big deal, but i just find a pity we don’t use this material, that’s all,