Samenhuizen Trefdag (annual meetup) - 10 December 2022

Samenhuizen, the Flemish organisation that promotes cohousing, is organising their annual meetup on 10 December 2022 in Mechelen.

The event is the equivalent of the Salon de l’Habitat Groupé in Brussels: it’s a networking event where you can find several cohousing groups and professionals (coaches etc) and where you can attend some workshops (in Dutch).

If there would be 2-3 volunteers who would be willing to join I would like to set up a stand for The Reef there, not so much in view of recruiting anybody but more to make ourselves known. I’ll put it in the to do list for Team External Relations.

On Facebook Samenhuizen has launched a call to send in suggestions for workshops and lectures that we would find useful. I would like to respond on behalf of The Reef, so if anybody has some ideas, feel free to post them in the thread below.

These are my ideas so far:

  • Inclusion: what can we learn from other groups? (both with regard to the human aspect as to the financial and legal one)
  • A hybrid model mixing a coopropriété and a cooperative: which advantages and disadvantages?
  • The legal aspects of cohousings: intro for dummies (lecture by a notary)
  • Building a cohousing: from building a group to building the building - overview of the main steps for dummies
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Your suggestions make sense. They are demand-driven, in the sense that they are the lectures I would personally like to hear… which does not mean I (or we) would be able to give them. But perhaps Samenhuizen can find the speakers.

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Yes, that’s exactly the idea (even though I’m playing with the idea of offering to give a workshop myself, maybe on documenting and committing to open source?)

On another topic, reading through the preferences for the Teams I think I’d like to add an introduction to deep democracy to the list. Even if not all people in Team Facilitation speak Dutch, we can brief back about what we learned.

Hello @reeflings, and especially those who speak Dutch:

On Saturday 10 December Samenhuizen will be organising it’s annual Trefdag (meetup day) in Mechelen. You can find the program here.

The visit to Cohousing Gumm looks very promising, and I’d also be interested to go to the session about legal structures.

Would anybody be interested to go? Or more even, take a shift at The Reef’s table at the fair? If yes, please let us know in the thread below!


Loving the look of that!
Would really like to go, but already have quite a comitment on that day :slight_smile:
I might sign up for the visit, but I’ll have to check if that works. Also it would depend if some other people would also like to go and share a car, it might be a bit complicated otherwise… So wait and see what other responses there are!

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That looks really interesting. Sorry I won’t be able to join, I’m moving apartment that day :frowning:

Will the meeting be useful for those with a rudimentary knowledge of Dutch?
I would be interested in attending/collaborating.

This event is only going to be in Dutch, so it may be a bit difficult if your Dutch is rudimentary. But it’s not an essential thing, so no need to worry.

In that case I would love to join.

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I don’t really feel well placed or equipped to represent The Reef yet (had to miss the get to know each other workshop and only attended one plenary at this point), so I think I’ll skip on taking a shift at the table. Or at least, not a solo shift without a more experienced Reefling by my side.

But! Going and talking to some people there does seem like a nice way to get inspired. So I’ll be joining you! I can only be there from about 11h-11h15, though. I was thinking of following these:

  • 11.30u-12.30u, panel: ervaringsdeskundigen aan het woord
  • 12.30u-13.30u, workshop: kies je buren → depending on what exactly that workshop entails. There no actual info on it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  • 14u-15u, panel: cohousing & architectuur
  • 15u-16u, lezing: circulair bouwen

Also, I’m a native Dutch speaker, so I could also take non-native speakers’ questions with me.


Ok, great that you’re going. For our table though I think I’m going to cancel: we are not enough (I would rather not go myself, need to preserve my energy a bit) and we are not taking on new members anyway.