Sample institutional agenda for missions

I would like to meet:

  • UNDP country office representative. Ideal profile: somebody with a good global field vision, does not need to be a youth specialist. 
  • A government representative. Ideal profile: a junior person (has more time) with good access to the senior levels (has more information). Again, societal field vision is important: could be somebody working with youth from the Ministry of Labour, or Industry, or even Innovation if it exists. 
  • Private sector actors, if there any active, interested parties. For example, in South Africa, Swedish multinationals operating in the country are quite proactive.
  • Any funding bodies targeting youth, or venture philantropists. Can shoot wide here, it is also a way for me to feel my way around funders without compromising UNDP/UNV (if I make a bad pitch, UNDP and UNV can always go back later, only weakly associated with it, and make the better one that we will have devised during the project). 
  • Major youth NGOs. 
  • Anyone else that the UN people on the ground think I should meet. For example, I am not quoting trade unions, but this might be an Italian bias (the largest trade unions are pensioners unions in Italy) but things could be very different in Egypt or Ukraine. 

Please, @Noemi and @Nadia, put this in a more formal language, insert it into the workplan and send it to Millie, copy to me, for preliminary review.

Ok got it.

Will do.