Save Energy with TechAbility

Hi, I am Dorra from Tunisia and the project I am working on is TechAbility.

Our project seeks a significant environmental impact. We offer IoT objects that will help users monitor the energy efficiency of their workplaces and homes. Being aware of the importance of living in a healthy environment, the team want to make sure that users are aware of the importance of reducing energy consumption and help them improve their lifestyle.
Our products are connected to a Messenger Chatbot that will send real-time notifications to our users about alarming values of temperature, humidity or lighting in an empty room for example. It also provides users with a monthly report on their energy consumption and the savings they have made by adopting an ecological behavior. The goal is to reduce the electricity bill and ensure that users live in a healthy environment.
Our products also offer to our users the possibility to monitor the energy consumption of each electrical appliance they have at home or work.

We are a team of three motivated young entrepreneurs who want to have an impact in the world. We hope you that you enjoyed discovering our project. And we are eager to read your questions/recommendations.

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Bonjour Dorra
Excellent projet, moi aussi je suis entrain de dĂ©velopper la mĂȘme idĂ©e, on peut peut ĂȘtre Ă©changer pour plus d’enrichissement.
Je suis au Maroc.

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Bonjour Dorra et Bienvenue sur la plateforme Edgeryders , Peux tu partager avec nous les photos de vos produits ? ou bien votre site internet ?