Save Our Earth

Hello my dear friends, my name is Zara. I’m really creative and motivated person. I like the nature, animals, I like my country. I want to see Armenia developed and beautiful. I know that it’s possible but our politicians don’t want it. They think only how to make money.

Today, many European countries are trying to find alternative ways to efficiently use natural resources and polluting the planet as little as possible, but it is a big problem in the Caucasian and Asian countries we have both natural and intellectual potential to receive natural heat and electricity from, we can recycle some products, but for some reason this important problem isn’t so much interest by our politicians. I want to present this project because it’s our future. 

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can you give more details on what you are up to? kind of activity (protest, education, or something else?), target group (students, general public, multiplicators, or…?), your specific targets? preferrably all in english… (german would be alright for me as well)

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I don’t do any activities only I try to be ecologist. I want to orginize some seminars in schools about Earth pollution.