Scale up? What I need to make it happen

In the GHangout I proposed to prototype the Form Storm as a sort of shared virtual room where people prepare their applications for the European Social Innovation Competition, and help each other to do so. There are advantages to doing so:

  • we have quite some knowledge about it that can be shared. We even have a written guide to winning it.
  • it is relatively simple: 7 questions in all, Matthias estimates 1 to 5 hours to write an application depending on how clear hyour idea is.
  • it latches on an already relatively popular initiative, so that it can be easier to communicate it.

So here’s my own offer: if you figure out how to do it from a technical and social point of view, I can point the European Commission, NESTA and Conference Partners in your direction. They might be up for helping to communicate it! I can even ask judges to put up some of their time to assist applicants. To do this I need:

  • a date and time. I need at least a week's notice to even think about getting the ball rolling.
  • a venue (that can be a link).
  • a link to an instructions sheet. This can be incomplete and say "check back for updates", but it has to be there.

Let me know if you want to do it or not.

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Prototype definitely


I love FormStorm and can hangout about it for many hours, the problem is, other people involved have other things to do. But the prototype must happen. Not just another discussion, but a proper session, which is structured exactly like the real one.

Instruction sheet is the key. I’m getting there - doing writes.