Scanning work opportunities at the edge

I came across a piece today about a StuffUp Weekend, a San Francisco hackathon meant as a horizontal, project based laboratory for both employers and people out of work to see each other in action and better match what people can and would do with what’s needed. Add to this the way we’ll all be working in the future (collaborative, from home, no boss), and it makes for interesting, at least changing landscape. Again, it re-iterated the need to build opportunities for meaningful work, but also to find those that are so often outside the radar. I thought of opening up a wiki where people around here can post stuff they hear about… Join in if you wish.

(NB: latest updates are added on top)

1. Projects/ Grants/ Fellowships

(added March 7h) Near Now Fellowships: 16 months programme for artistic and professional development. Eligible: UK based practitioners in arts and creative sector (writers, curators, designers, hackers, developers, architects, producers, technologists, publishers). DL: 10 April

(added Feb 17th) Young Co-operators Prize by AltGen. This is our new programme that is offering £2,000 start-up grants along with business advice and mentoring to support five groups of young people (18-29) to set up a co-operative business. DL: 1st of March. via @Rhithink

(added Feb 10th) Data and storytelling projects competition by Knight Foundation: $35,000 in funding for data driven projects: includes support for prototyping and design course to build up on your idea. DL February 16th

Artist residency by Goethe Institut London: for digital artists and experimental musicians. Deadline Feb 16th

Residencies for writers in 2015mostly in the US, UK, Denmark, Spain

La Stanza residency for graphic, artistic designers: ongoing admissions; in Lima, Peru (don’t ask why Peru, I’m biased so always on the lookout in that geographical area :p)

The European Social Innovation Competition 2015: So it seems this year’s theme is ‘New Ways to Grow’. It will be seeking entrepreneurial, game changing ideas that can advance Europe’s growth model. Three prizes of EUR 50,000 will be awarded to the 3 best ideas. The competition launch is free to attend, happens on Monday 23 March 11:00 – 16:00, at European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk, Poland.

2. Paid work

(added Feb 10th) Program coordinator at Impact Hub: “We are looking for aSocial Enterprise Scaling Program Coordinator to join us as a member of our global team and become part of one of the most ambitious and ground-breaking programs in the European social enterprise and social innovation landscape. This position is open to applicants based in one of the 8 European cities where the Scaling Program is being implemented (Amsterdam, Athens, Bucharest, London / Kings Cross, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm, Vienna).” Payment 3300 EUR/month. DL: 15 Feb.

(added Feb 10th) Internship Smart Citizens for Waag Society: " design, prototyping, evaluation and deployment of new sensing platforms, organization of public events, (online) community management and researching citizen science organizations." Paid 300 EUR/ month.

(added circa Jan 30th) Community coordinator for influence mapping: part-time job cat-herding  “activists and data geeks from around the globe who create systems for the analysis of political and economic power”. The project is already bringing together some extraordinary people doing massively important work; I (Dan) am very, very excited by it. Details here.

Avaaz, the global petitioning group self-declared “fiercely independent” and “fiercely meritocratic”, is running a longer term recruitment process for several paid positions. Not clear how long it will take to get on board, could be worth checking out. this one is tricky, as the awfully exotic offer is matched by a financial investment by selected participants, who should be having some work by the time they go in to work remotely. Interesting idea though for new contexts of work.

UNDP job openings: For those waiting to bring the edge closer to mainstream, maybe these openings make sense, who knows. From my own experience, working with these folks can be eye opening as to the kind of possibilities that are out there, lots of things to do and change. Type of work is mainly consultancy in several fields, on: policy analysis, programme analysis, coordination, evaluation etc.

Dirittodisapere community development coordinator. This Italian transparency-pro FOIA NGO is looking for somebody who can work both in Italian and English: “The ideal candidate is committed, enthusiastic and passionate about access to information, civic technology and human rights. In addition to the community building and writing aspects of the work, the role also requires some administrative work to organize public events and workshops in Italy. Contract is to start in March 2015.”

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