Schedule of interviews to do with participants and content contributors ahead of the festival


Hi Nadia, Unfortunately I don’t … I have just read a lot of her work!

I do know Vidushi and could make an introduction. What is your email address and where can I find the relevant information about the conference to include in the email? <3

Super! ping @inge and @MariaEuler :slight_smile:

@J_Noga I made a copy of the contents of your comments and attributed them to you in the original thread/description of the workshop itself - so that your input makes it into the preparation of the workshop:

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+1 for Vidushi! :slight_smile:

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Can you set up a poll for interview schedules based on your availability/day over the next 4-5 weeks @inge? Whether it is doodle or whatever works for you and that can be shared with a url?

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  1. Metahaven: A research and design studio founded by Vinca Kruk and Daniel van der Velden based in Amsterdam. “Metahaven’s work - both commissioned and self-directed - reflects political and social issues in collaboratively produced graphic design objects and media. In addition to international presentation of design and research projects, Metahaven has written and edited numerous publications such as ‘Uncorporate Identity’, a design anthology for our dystopian age, ‘Can Jokes Bring Down Governments’ and a forthcoming book ‘Black Transparency’. The studio was awarded the CoBRA Art Prize 2013. Select exhibitions include ‘Islands in the Cloud’, MoMA PS1, New York; Gwangju Design Biennale 2011, Gwangju, Korea; ‘Graphic Design: Now in Production’, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, and Manifesta 8, Murcia, Spain.”
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Tuesday at 10:00 CET (Brussels time) work for you? drop me a line so we can coordinate a bit?

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you mean wednesday the 9th, correct?

I’ve created this zoom room for the interviews:

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Yes that what I thought. Unsure if I am supposed to join those but I think I will have plenty to do with figuring out the sign up stuff and coordinating with the organisers this week and by know understood that mainly you and Nadia will do this now? I won’t be able to join Tuesday morning.

No need to @MariaEuler, you have your plate full


I also have it in my sched as wednesday at 10.00 CET, because tomorrow doesnt work for me unfortunately.

Kind regards,


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ok, scheduled for then

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