School Rebuilding Project in Chupar

Chupar is a village that was pretty much flattened by the earthquake. The school was rebuilt by a group of individuals and groups. One of the key groups in helping fund it was Plenty International, a nonprofit started and HQ’ed at The Farm, and the group with which I lived and worked for years in TN, DC and NYC. Indeed I see enough parallels and common causes between Edgeryders and Plenty that at some point I hope to help the two groups meet up.

And I wonder, Matt did you or Natalia go to or near this village?

But meanwhile, here is a very nice video of the school rebuilding project:


Hello @johncoate . It is really nice of you to have this video posted here about Chupar Village. I was in Nuwakot a month ago as participant in 3 days free health Camp and I have visited this village as well :slight_smile: