Schoonschip, a floating co-housing in Amsterdam

I just read an article in the newspaper about Schoonschip, a floating co-housing in Amsterdam. It includes 46 households or more than 140 residents.

Below you can find a picture that gives an overview of what they realised. Personally I’m very impressed with their environmental efforts, which include vacuum toilets, showers that reuse their own water, a smartgrid etc.

They have a very comprehensive website describing their project, and they also have a rather detailed manual-like website called Greenprint that includes some lessons learned.

@matthias, are you seeing this?

In this ecologically and socially sustainable neighbourhood we live with 46 households, on 30 arks.

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Also very detailed:


Quick update: I contacted the people of Schoonschip to ask whether we could get a copy of the source file behind the Greenprint (because it’s hard to navigate online). They replied they will get back to me. Will keep you posted.

So they said no, it all works fine :woman_shrugging:

Fair enough.