Sci-Fi Economics Web Development Thread

Just one more web development thread, in analogy to The Reef Web Development Thread


Since I was tasked to create the Sci-Fi Economic Lab project website, I have set up a barebones / skeleton / placeholder website here now:

temporary login protection until launch:

  • username: edgeryders
  • password: topsecret123

The basic tech system is in place and works, and you’re able to edit content in near-realtime via these topics in the Web Content category. Edits are published at every 5 full minutes of the hour. The tech stack is the same as that of and

To finish this website we’ll do agile software development :slight_smile: So please comment here with and on the tasks you need me to do towards finishing that website. I’ll get the tasks done quickly and report back with a comment of my own. Then look at the results, rinse, repeat. When everyone is happy with the result, we’re done. Which should take no more than 1-2 days!

I need your input esp. related to:

  • @augusto, @alberto: Copywriting texts to use, esp. about the event itself.
  • @augusto, @haf, @irene_1: Your information for the “About → Team & Contact” page, if it is still missing. You can edit it in yourself.
  • @ilaria: Who can create or at least proofread the French and Dutch translations of page copy?
  • How to reference / link the crowdfunding campaign and pre-launch mailing list.
  • Title and content for more sub-pages, if you want them.
  • If you want a slides carousel like here, let me know what images to use.

As for myself, I will work on the following already:

  • Adding all site graphics, the logo etc. according to the designs provided by Lorenzo, once I we get these (@ilaria, lemme know :sunny:?)
  • Enabling the multi-lingual pages once we have the translations in French and Dutch.
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Noted. This should be on @augusto, with me writing the copy.

Update: The Sci-Fi Economics Lab website has the proper graphics, color scheme and text formatting now. Also I removed the provisional access protection. So if you want to use it, spread the URL.

I’ll still have to do the multilingual feature, once I receive the translations from @augusto who is supposed to manage collecting them. This is mostly FYI for @alberto, except that the frontpage is missing some copy.

Let me know if I should change anything in the website before it is put to use. Otherwise I’ll have to go work on the Open Ethnographer & co. software for a few days now.

Update: New version is online, with major layout and CSS rework. The new design is based on the design we got from Lorenzo plus what I discussed with Nadia. Future modifications will loosely follow that design as well, except if you tell me where not to do that. @alberto and @nadia: please have a look.

Things that will follow tomorrow: (1) Content of a “We are Edgeryders” section very similar to here, (2) title and potentially other content in the image at the top, (3) properly formatted speaker list, similar to Lorenzo’s proposal.

Let me know if there are other priorities to make the website useful in practice.

Heads up: the internal links of the website that we communicated in these past days are now broken. For example Edgeryders | Start now returns a 404, and the correct URL is Edgeryders | Start (with # ). Same thing for /event .

@matthias: is there a way to put some redirects in place? Just today I had some scheduled updates with /call . I managed to catch one before it went out, but two more were published.

I’ve added redirects for all the old URLs now.

Update: One more version published, now with an “We are Edgeryders” section.

I’ll now switch to work on the Reef website if there’s no urgent matter about this one …

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@matthias can you get rid of the “Get tickets” button please? I will now edit the content of the Event page.

And also please edit the menu, because I got rid of all the practical info.

All done now.

(I renamed the menu item to “Next Steps” to fit for the post-event situation.)

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