ScifiEcon Residency Prep - Outputs Templates

The Wiki Entry should cover these areas (please edit/ add your own):

  1. Post Paris Article Scenarios descriptions

    • a nr of alternative paths to the same endpoints intended by Paris Agreement - it’s translation into local context and goals - see existing local/ regional/national plans (complete decarbonisation, states still exist, non-state actors have a role))
    • include quantified hypotheses/ translation of Paris agreement on the local context on what it would take to reach the goal via this or that path:
      • Broad goal/ assumption for Messina (reference national communication documents e.g regional 2050 strategy)
      • Broad goal/ assumption for Messina
      • Broad goal/ assumption for Messina
    • Include social science, e.g reflections on why and how each scenario could fail.
    • Critical Pieces of Infrastructure (e.g train in Witness)
  2. A travel map for (Messina) for getting to the goals// the national, regional or local economy at hand.

  3. Repertoire of non-standard policy moves that take the local system in the right direction.

  4. Tool/ resource for non-present policy teams to deploy on their own the cognitive and design approach used in the ScifiEcon process.

  5. Stories and illustrations

@Nic010 will collect relevant documents e.g mayors convention documents etc