Scouting day 21/04

hi @reeflings ,

Let’s do some more scouting!!
We would like try out the mothermap and collect feedback afterwards. (a little manual will follow).
Can you fill in the poll to let us know whether you can be present?
:crossed_fingers: we’ll have a nice sunny day

Correction for the poll below: morning shift from 10:30 - 13:00

  • 21/04 9:30 - 12:00 with optionally a resto afterwards
  • 21/04 15:30 - 18:00 with optionally a resto afterwards
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Happy to do scouting in the morning but 9.30am seems like a very early start for a Sunday… any chance we can change that?


I tend to agree… would it be an option to make it 10.30 to 13.00?

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Hi @reeflings ,

As discussed yesterday in the plenary, i’ve foresee two weekly scouting days in the Reef agenda, as the goal is for each reefling to go scouting twice a month.

ps: for those being able to scout on the 21/04, please fill in the above poll if you haven’t done so.

see you soon.


hi @reeflings ,

Here’s is all the info about next Saturday’s scouting day (21/04).
Team that goes in the morning: Richard and Ugne. (10:30 - 13:00)
All other teams go in the afternoon (15:30 - 18:00)

If certain things are not clear let me know (now or after the scouting day).
@mieke : all teams are composed of 2 people so if any of the people who go to Next Weeks Presentation feel like joining, they can join any team…

Have fun!


hi @ChrisM @Caro @manuelpueyo @alberto @mieke ,

i made a reservation in ‘La Pergola’ for 18:15 next Sunday (La Pergola — Brasserie in Brussel) (on my name)
The info is also in the file where you find your team and your assigned zones…
Others are welcome off course
If you wouldn’t join let me know, or if sb else would join…

@RichardB @ugne : i didn’t make any reservations for lunch, as you’re two i guess making a reservation is not necessary, if you would want to eat out afterwards…

I also want to let you know i will rework the zones, i think they are too small as it is. I will try to do this on Tuesday - at the latest Wednesday…


Fancy place, looks great :slight_smile: Thanks for organising!

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@ChrisM @Caro @manuelpueyo @alberto @mieke @RichardB @ugne

I want to let you know i will rework the zones, i think they are too small as it is. I will try to do this on Tuesday - at the latest Wednesday…


@els tell me if you need help on that !


Hello ! thanks for this organization @els. Unfortuntately I wont be able to join this weekend.

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Hello @els ,

Can I still join sunday at 15:30? (An in the resto :innocent: ?)

Time to meet some of my fellow reeflings again, if I ever want to become full member.



Off course, alberto doesn’t have any one to scout with, so it’s perfect! Thanks

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scouting day cancelled as mentioned in the signal group…

@reef-building can we have an appointment for the social? And, for clarity: do we wander Anderlecht in small groups, or is there an appointment for that too? Cc @Lieven .

Hi @alberto , there was a proposition launched in the signal group of the full members. @Lee , that’s working out?

Yes, the action is in the unstoppable reef scouting squad on Signal. Meet at La Fourmillière at 6 pm.