Scouting work flow and organisation (setting up the Fiche Factory)

Hi Els,

I looked into the back-up folders that I have on my personal Nextcloud, but sadly there is no MOL-32. If you know that it’s not for sale, then I wouldn’t over-invest in it. As long as we have the code, the address and the reason why it was discarded in the Excel file I would think we’re good?

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hi @Sophie_B ,
can you confirm me that Koe-01 is not for sale.
There is some contradiction in the Sites overview excel.
It seems to be ‘not for sale’ but still somehow it is ‘can we buy it’ (old field : ‘send to architects’ = Y)

Hi, I finished the Fiche factory (as much as I can at this stage).
Things to do

  • the tab 3b. PFS follow-up: the statusses of the PFS are not allways clear to me, if sb could have a look at that (i left some comments in column U that will need to be cleaned afterwards)
  • I still need to put all the comments from the comments column to either the ‘Plusses’ or ‘Minuses column’ => feel free to help me with that.

Attention points

  • please follow the manual (Read at least the 'overall process for the fiche factory + the part linked to the tab you are working on/you are responsable off)
  • please respect the predefined values in the tab ‘0. Coding legend’
  • there is no automatic copying any more from one tab to another, so all copying should be done manually (limited to id, code, street, and maybe a status)
  • note problems you encounter in the tab ‘5. Q&A & Problem solving’, you can message me for very urgent issues
  • The goal is to review the manual/this way of working in a couple of weeks, please note down you’re remarks (as comments in the manual, or somewhere else)


  • the highlighting in yellow or other colour => does this still have a significance or can it be deleted (except for the Y/M/N values which have an automatic colouring)

I used yellow highlights at the time to flag inconsistencies or changes I made. Feel free to get rid of those.

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