Scouting work flow and organisation (setting up the Fiche Factory)

Are all the question in that post for me? If so, I think that indeed, a little chat with shared screens could help…
Just a little heads-up though that I have seen this message after doing some pretty intensive work based on your previous message (my bad, should have checked the new message I guess, but I was taking things in the order they came, otherwise it was a bit much to deal with…). So I’m not sure i’m going to be very inclined to doing a lot more re-arranging, unless absolutely necessary! i’ll do my best, but it might have to be a “good enough for now, safe enough to try” kinda situation, and not get into things that are a “nice to have”… But we’ll see!

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@alberto : i have another technical issue…
Screenshot 2024-01-31 211225

So I installed Libre Office, i had the file open locally for some time and then tried to save it. I get the message that the file could not be synced, referring to a log file => do you have any idea where i could find this log file ?

Yes, I wasn’t clear on that one. Noted!
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @els, I am afraid this needs to open a ticket with Tab.Digital, the company that runs our NextCloud in instance. You will find the login information on the login credential document in Team IT’s folder.

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@reef-building : hi all, maybe a quick advice to prevent having synchronise issues:
try to keep the ‘sites overview file’ open for a limited time, so the chance of sb else changing it at the same time (in the same place) is limited.
fyi: i got the error, but have the impression everything was saved…


Exactly that. It’s a general attention point for everybody who uses Nextcloud on a personal computer (instead of online). I’ll make a note to myself to bring that to everybody’s attention.

Hello Fiche Factory Fellows (@reef-building),

I have been absent much more than I would have wanted to be, so apologies for that.

I have started to create a mini-manual (if this, then that) and I would need a bit more time to finish that. Once that’s done I’d like to hand over to everybody who has volunteered to take responsibility for one of the factory’s segments, so that we can hopefully streamline the file and butcher forward until we find a freaking site.

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@Sophie_B ello @reef-building,

As mentioned above, I finished a first draft of the Fiche Factory manual (internal link), where I gathered in a couple of bullet points what the purpose is of each stage, and what the different actions points are. All comments and amendments are very welcome.

One key conclusion for me is that the automatic copy/pasting from one tab to another does not work very well for all tabs except the one on scoring. So if those in charge of the later stages would like to abondon this, and prefer to do manual updating from the sub-tab to the Overview tab, please feel free to do so.

In terms of cleaning up the file I see the following points as possible first steps:

2. Scoring tab
  • The key point here to get clarity on is “do we (or did we) want to pursue this site further, and look for the owners to see whether it is for sale?”. This should be translated into “Y = yes we did / yes we will”, “M = if we are out of options we will” and “N = not for now”.

  • This Y / M / N should appear as such in the Overview tab, meaning it should not reflect information found out at a later stage. If the site is not for sale, then it becomes an “N” in the next column.

  • The reason why I think this could be important is that it may be interesting to have another look at the “M” sites, but for this the coding would need to be bit more consistent.

  • I don’t know how important this is, and how much work it would be to go through the list and streamline the coding, so I’d be happy if those in charge of this stage (@Sophie_B and @els?) could have a look and decide on the way forward?

3a. For sale / send to architects?
  • This used to be called “PFS?”, but I believe it deserves a sub-step that concludes on 1) is the site for sale? and 2) if the price is somewhat realistic, did we send it to the architects.

  • The columns before that, are those that you use to attribute responsibility, and gather the detective data on who the owners are and how they can be contacted.

  • The key point of practical value here, in my view, is to get an overview on all the sites that got a “Y” for the “sent to architects” question. This is important, because once we have this list, we could look up the feedback that they sent us, and see whether we did not discard any sites because the architects assumed that they were too small.

  • Could those who are in charge of this stage (@Sarah and @Sebas?) maybe have a look, and see whether it would take a lot of effort to get to a list of all the sites that were sent to the architects for feedback?

3b. Sent for PFS
  • If we could get a list of sites that were sent to the architects for feedback, then this tab could include a simple codification of their feedback, e.g. HY = hell yes, Y = yes probably, M = meh, N = no.

  • If this would materialise, @Caro would you be willing to look into this, and see whether we can gather these data, and then scrutinize them?

All the above are just suggestions of course. Let’s see what can be done, and what makes sense, and then pick it up at the next meeting?

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Yes, on it, sorry for taking so long :see_no_evil: