Searching for sites online

Hi @els, @Sarah, I understood from Lie that you could use some help with the online-scouting?

I had a read-through of all the docs, and I could be one of the 2 persons implementing this, if needed? I do have to say that it could be quite a bit of work (different requirements for all different websites, maybe a lot of potential sites, so quite a few fiches…). So I would indeed plead for a quick re-evaluation in January as you suggest, and also a focus on just getting started over being comprehensive right at the start (in the manual there are dozens of websites listed, but I guess getting the process right and regularly checking the first few crucial websites is most important right now).

In terms of division of tasks: if I understood correctly that there is no-one yet for this, then I can get started and work through the manuals to do´s (creating accounts with email warnings where possible, and indicating for which websites we need manual weekly checks). And then I can start with checking, and I´ll just see how many websites I can reasonably check alone. If a second person joins, we can split work by website. I would prefer excel to work with.

I´m not the most IT-savvy, and not intimately familiar with fiche-making process and team building procedures, so a regular check up and someone I can check in with would be super helpful.

Also: it is a bit difficult for me to estimate how difficult and resource-intense this will be, so I might not be able to handle it well, but I guess I will only find out if I try.

Let me know if this would be helpful! And apologies if I´m stepping on anyones toes.

All best,



Hello @els @Sarah,
Same from my side!
I haven’t had time to look through anything yet. I am actually travelling and right now waiting for my connecting flight as I am visiting my partner in Brazil (he will come to Europe next year).
Not sure if I’ll be able to do anything during the next two weeks, I am a bit exhausted and really need some time off. But I’ll be back the weekend after New Year’s and then I’ll be happy to chip in! :slight_smile:
Happy holidays!


@Justin_N , @Angelika , @SimonDelch ,
hi all, thanks for your help!!
just to give you a bit of a status where we are and a proposal of a plan.

  • we are now a group of 4 working on the online searching (justin, angelika, simon and me. Simon and me from team building.)
  • there is a manual and a role description and a proposal of a follow up file, both to be find in this folder:
  • i’ve already created a mail account for the online searching: the details can be found in the Mailbox login credentials file
  • Simon also proposed to help with the setup and to talk briefly tonight, so we are 3 to do the setup. => i will try to organise sth tonight via zoom, but if this doesn’t work we can divide the work via this thread…
  • we can meet (the 4 of us) beginning of next year and maybe do a first evaluation of what we discovered (i’ll do a poll for a date in the coming days…)

“For info, that’s what I’ve done with structura biz already”
=> @sarah: i assume you just did it for structura biz, not for any of the others? (to avoid calling twice)

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@reef-building : we - as online searchers- will start with the screening of the results of the saved searches, once the setup has been done.
Can any one tell me if there is one file which contains all the fiches (commune + street) registered , so we can try to avoid creating doubles… ? This one?


@els that’s the one indeed. Resetting all the filters, then sorting them by code (i.e. commune) should give you a quick overview of the sites and their streets.

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@SimonDelch @Justin_N @Angelika . Here is a poll for a meetup beginning of January to see how things are going and how to include Angelika in the online searching.

  • 08/01/2024
  • 09/01/2024
  • 10/01/2024
  • 12/01/2024
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@SimonDelch @Justin_N @Angelika . let’s fix 08/01. I forgot the add the hour, so an extra little pole which hour on the 08/01 you prefer…

  • 19:00 - 20:00
  • 20:00 - 21:00
  • 18:00 - 19:00
  • 21:00 - 22:00
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@reef-building : i created 2 new fiches via online searching and did a first quotation
UCC-04 and UCC-05. Not sure if the zone we can use for building will be big enough => is there a way to find out online?

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Hi @els , unfortunately, these 2 sites have already been identified under UCC-02 and UCC-03 (visible in table archive), sorry for that, Seb

sorry, cheched the archive for the numbering but forgot to check it for doubles…I deleted them from the excel, and deleted the fiches as well, as they allready exist…

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It is indeed, although we had to take out old lines, otherwise the file was getting too heavy and started glitching… And I will keep doing that regularly to avoid problems. You can find the old tables in this file (internal link). each new table will contain the new rejected sites.
It’s not the best system, and we might need to rethink it as part of the workflow brainstorming, but that’s what we have for now!

Indeed but please do not do this for the current table! We leave the last fiches at the bottom, it helps finding the ones we are currently working on and have to screen. It will also helps keep track of new fiches for the plenary presentations. We could add a numbering column to be able to find that again, but it is not in place yet…


Hi @els,

It’s not urgent, but when you find a moment, can you please add your meeting to the Nextcloud calendar?

It may seem like a detail, but it really helps to get an overview on what is happening when.

Many thanks!

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@SimonDelch @Justin_N @Angelika

hi all,

meeting concerning online searching for sites will be the 08/01 from 20:00 - 21:00

See you then, els


@reef-building, I have just added two new fiches, found via online search:

  1. GAN - Avenue Jacques Sermon 25
  2. EVE - Rue des Deux Maisons 28-30-32

Any feedback welcome, these are the first ones I´ve ever made.

Best, J


@SimonDelch @Justin_N @Angelika ,

here a link to the agenda for our meeting next monday:
In the agenda you will find a link to a proposal on ‘how to organise ourselves and work together’
See you on monday


@Justin_N : as far a i can judge (also being quite new to it): great job filling in the fiche! One little remark: if on an immo site they mention it is sold by another immo: better mention the link of the immosite selling it

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@reef-building : an new fiche from the online searching: WOL-Av des pleiades 19

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@els WOL-Av des pleiades 19 seems to me only car parks for sale to be converted into individual warehouses.
Any other views @reef-building ?

I wanted to flag something that may be for this meeting. Citydev told us that, in 2024, they would be partnering with a cohousing group to build a cohousing with a Community Land Trust formula. You will find the minutes of our meeting with them here.

There was a follow-up: Agnés, the person we met, came to one of our presentations, I think it was in September, and later told Manuel she was favourably impressed.

So, at some point (early in 2024) their website will show the call for expressions of interests to build a cohousing, and we should really look into it in close detail, as it could shave 1-2 millions off our budget. Their website is: