Searching for the next-generation work environment


We’re a couple of management and IT consultants (Lean/Agile) in Stockholm who are passionate about providing services to companies and IT organizations in order to build next generation work environments (Yellow organizations in Spiral Dynamic terms).

Today we lack a platform for doing such work and finding such customers. We see huge potential and untapped value in our business segment and we are certain that if we could find or create a working platform we would create lots of synergies and lots of work.

Right now I’m looking into different organizations, such as EdgeRyders, with the intention of finding an organization that would fulfill our requirements.

Two parts that are important for us and could trigger us to converge are a) it is economically sustainable for us personally and b) that we don’t need a big buffer of money to make it fly (we have families to support)

If this triggers ideas in you please contact me on

Looking for hosting?

Hi Emil, I think I accidentally sent you a welcome message in Romanian, your name sounded familiar. Sorry 'bout that :slight_smile:

So let me see if I get it: you’re starting up a consultancy business and would like to assess whether this platform suits your needs as a space to help pursue clients and sell your product? Or do you think your clients can be here on Edgeryders?

I can’t voice anything right now, just trying to see if I read well…