Second public presentation this month – 20 June 2024

Hello @reeflings !

As everyone is no doubt aware, recruitment and onboarding is a crucial part of what we’ll be doing for the next 5-6 months. For this reason, there will be a second public presentation this month, taking place on the 20th. The advantage of having two close together is that we can do a lot of the onboarding formalities at the same time, which includes the new online Q&A sessions.

As usual there are some tasks that need to be done before, during and after the presentation, and a complete overview can be found in this document: . No need to sign up for anything now, as it will be less complicated if we all do that after the presentation this week. I will post a reminder about this on Friday.

Mainly flagging it up now so that we can all save the date.

@manuelpueyo - the final finishing touches are being put on a new version of the newsletter by @Lee, which you should have soon, if you don’t have it already.

@Dave_behave - might be worth keeping the second presentation in mind when you stock up the bar for this week, to save your self some time…

@els - some of the admin tasks will need doing in a couple of days…



not a problem…
(PS: less important question: can the current associates maybe also join the online Q&A, as they missed the SoSim explanation,… which is not the most straightforward thing to understand)

hi @reef-recruitment , @reef-comms ,
I am going through the recruitment and presentation manual (Login – Nextcloud).
=> should the text to be published on Samenhuizen and Habitat&Participation, not be adapted?

We are a diverse cohousing group from Brussels, which is actively looking for a site where we can make our dream come true.
Proposition to adapt to:
We are a diverse cohousing group from Brussels, which found a site in a quiet part of Jette to build our wonderfull cohousing.

Wij zijn een cohousing-groep uit het Brusselse, die actief op zoek is naar een site waar we onze droom kunnen waarmaken.
Proposition to adapt to:
We zijn een cohousing-groep uit het Brusselse, die een stuk grond gevonden hebben in een rustige buurt van Jette waar we binnenkort onze cohousing zullen bouwen.

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I adapted the text already when I pusblished the adds on H&P and Samenhuizen, based on the updated version that was sent through the newsletter. I didn’t save it in the manual though, oops.


In principle, I don’t see why not, but it may depend on numbers. As @Lee is organising those, it’ll be her call. Also, I think I remember that the sessions will be recorded…

So they can be updated further this time, as we are publishing our new address, amongst other things. Where do these texts live on Nextcloud? And @mieke, are they in line with what you published last time?

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Yes, if there are spaces left associate members will be very welcome.

In any case, while I was working on the slide deck, I realised that we will need to organise some more Q&A sessions, on specific topics like the purchase set-up or the société simple. It’s on the list, but it will need to wait until the beginning of July.

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Hi beautiful @reeflings !

The registrations are looking good for the presentation on Thursday, and plenty of potential interest on Facebook :slight_smile:

As a result, it would be great if we could get as many Full and Associate Members there as possible, to help out answering questions after the presentation. As we discussed at the plenary last night, we may end up in a situation where we have to decide between people becoming Associate Members and others joining a waiting list, so the more real interactions we have leading up to that point, the better. Can you please indicate below if you will be coming to the presentation, either to help out before or after, or just to participate in the drinks/Q&A afterwards :slight_smile:

On Thursday, I’ll be picking up the key from the venue in the morning, and I’ll be opening up as usual at 18h30.

@alberto - are you coming, and if so, can you bring down the screen and an HDMI cable again? I’ll be bringing the Reef’s beamer and an extension cord.

@Dave_behave - we may need to be a little more stocked up on juice and bio beers this time, in light of potential numbers.

@Lee - do you need the tingsha bells again? Can’t remember if you used them last time…


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I’ll be there until the last person has left.

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I’ll be there to and will take their presences…