Security Problems with the Internet of Things

As you might expect, the IoT is fraught with security holes and a growing population of users who are rather unconcerned about it - mainly because they don’t know and don’t think about it enough.  But do you want someone hacking into your Google Car?  This article points out that many IoT devices and projects don’t even know all that connect to them.


I’m more worried about people hacking into my computer. My computer is part of me / my brain. OSs have always been exploitable. The fact that everything is connected to internet all the time makes the problem worse, but not a new thing.

I don’t care so much if they hack my car. What are they gonna do? Make it drive off a cliff? Unlikely. Yeah, sure, it’s a bit scary if someone can hack into your pacemaker and switch it off remotely, but how many people are this evil? Not so many. If you wanna be evil and kill people, it’s not difficult to get a gun. That’s just a fact of life, humans are weak and vulnerable.

So my point is: This IoT security panic is being blown out of proportion. It’s nothing new.

Sure we will fix it, but it’s probably going to take A.I. There is no easy solution. Telling everyone to stop using Microsoft would be a good start, if you care about security.

case in point