Select snippets from Alioune's interview

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Please post what if anything you find most relevant/interesting in this interview (1st of 12) as a comment below. The password is: futuresknowlab

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Seems excellent to me as is.  I do think it will be quite important to situate this interview in the context of some others AND I think it could usefully be linked to some other questions.

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It’s a bit too long. Key thing that you want in the video?

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I think what we are looking for is snippets that when edited together tell the story (script on it’s way from me). What is the key thing Alioune says that you want in the video?

work in progress

Hi all, finally we landed in this group, I apologize for the delay, I ask you to understand that sometimes the specificity of our job is not compatible with exact timetables. Let me update you on the situation: we are working on releasing all the full lenght interviews one by one, of which the one you watched of Mr. Alloune represents the first example. We have a total of 12 interviews, every interviewee answered the following questions: 1)What do you mean by using the future 2) How people in difficult situation use the future. Plus Mr. Miller gives other two answers about the Knowledge Laboratory, Mr. Sweeney answers about the concept of Non-colonizing the future and Mrs. Juech gives a definition of Resilience. The next to be uploaded between tonight and tomorrow will be Mr. Miller first part (we split it in two, the only case) and Mrs. Jessica Bland. at the same time we are gonna upload a full transcription of the interviews.

All this material will help you to give us feedback on which part of the speeches can be considered more interesting, at the same time we are already working on imagine a script for the video that will summarize the event held in Ispra. with all the 12 interviews we have a kind of 1 hour and half of speaking and we will use no more then 4 minutes!

we hope to has been helpful, we’re already looking forward to hear from your feedback

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