Self care and conscious creation

Hey Edgeryders,

I’m developing a course to become an energetic master and conscious creator. It’s a self care course to become aware of how beliefs and perceptation relate to how you feel. Here’s a first video I shot last week.

Conscious creator from Ewoud Venema on Vimeo.

You can find a more elaborate on my Academy where I’ll continue to share these courses (probably). I hope you find it inspiring and clarifying. If you like them, you can subscribe to my newletter or follow me on vimeo.

Let me know how you feel!

Ben Moore

“Is it for me?”

Me, I’ve never tried anything like it.

It might help if you have a call for people who havent experienced, in practice, to be conscious in the same way you probably have, since you use the term.

Did you have an idea which progressed somewhere thanks to you being so aware? Somewhere that others can associate with positive effects?

Conscious and creation

@ewoudvenema Thanks for the video and post.  I’m curious to learn more about your connections between creation and resilience?  How do you view them being connected?  How do you see creation as a process of mental health practice?  What do you think the next steps will be for your course?  Thanks alot and looking forward to hearing from you.