Self Hosting, Show and Tell

This is a draft version of the Self Hosting, Show and Tell session at RE;Web


How do you host a scuttlebutt pub?

What’s the main difference between a pub and a private user?

The only difference is that the public key is public.

What do you host:
Linus, I host my own email, a few websites and a team speak server, like mumble but I don’t

Keks: Website and Scuttlebutt server.

NextCloud on a Raspberry Pi at home. Because I don’t want my date in a place that’s not my own.

I can connect to the VPN server on my virtual server via raspberry pi, computer and phone. The reason for this is that he doesn’t have a steady IP at home.

He also did not want to have his NextCloud publicly available.

NextCloud is a suite for hosting. It’s like google drive and contacts and calendar and it’s open source.

How configurable is it to use NextCloud?

NextCloud is really slow on Raspberry Pi, takes like 2 sec to load a page. He only uses the desktop service, not the browser version.

There are multiple ways of running things that you want to just run in the background. A common way of doing this on a Linux machine is to just run “System CTL”.

How do you run stuff that doesn’t end when ssh ends?

Something with T-mugs[t-mux], which was not a good idea apparently.

Instead he’s doing something with SNAP, which can install software packages, in a contained way since they don’t effect the rest of the system.

Docker is a framework for building and running and managing containers.

A cointainer contains a program so it can run the way it needs without interacting with the rest of the system

Keks doesn’t like managing servers, that’s why he works on SSB

There’s a good tutorial on how to make a NAS based on raspberry pi.

The only reason people use cloud services is because they want their data to synch. Why not just synch the data itself, such as with NextCloud or with Ssb/DAT

Is it not possisible to set up DAT on my computer and a raspberry pi or something to use it as a NAS?

Yes, it’s doable. But it probably works most of the time. Is that enough?

That’s the main problem with peer-to-peer stuff, it’s not always working?

Why can I not run it on IPFS?
Everytime you change any kind of data the ID of the data hcanges so then you have to synchronize the data changes. So then you also end up having the same problem as with DAT, the two computers don’t find each other.

I heard hosting email yourself is really difficult?

Sending is really tricky. I have to rely on my ISP to get the emails through. They have their own service just to deal with emails, so I use that service to send emails out but I recieve on my own.


I am not sure in how far you want/need answers and hints in this topic, but running stuff decoupled from ssh connection is often/traditionally done using the program screen. Ubuntus (and probably other distributions) ship the server installations with byobu, basically a very fancy configuration for screen.
So: ssh into the machine, byobu and hit some fancy key combinations to “disconnect” from the byobu session before you log out of you ssh session. Next time, log in again, start byobu again and be immediately where you last left off.

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@felix.wolfsteller — I would have suggested the same should I have been participating in that session. This session was requested by either Linus or Isak (@zelf may remember which one) and I’ll see if I can tag the relevant person in this reply later on to close out the idea. Thanks!

Hi, Linus (@zozs) here :slight_smile:.

Our discussions during the session with regard to tmux/screen was that we saw this as a somewhat “hacky” solution. I think what we agreed upon was that using e.g. systemd service files, docker containers, or some other process manager was preferable to using just a detached screen/tmux session, since this allows automatic restart in case of failures, which a screen (or tmux) session will not provide.


Hi Linus!
Okay, aggree. It really depends what you want to achieve (one-shot vs service; e.g. compressing a large number of files and directories - which can take long - should be done in screen, while running a webserver should be a service).

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