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Semantergic System

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- Global Survival System

Semantergy = Sentient beings acting like ants, in a hive mind composed by individual mindswhich can be considered as quantum biocomputers (in terms of potentiality).

Individuals leave a meaningful trace in the environment (physical, virtual or conceptual…) that will inspire other individuals. Some will try to reproduce, others may be horrified…

What matters in this case is the meaning we attach to our actions.

So basically, an ermit has more than a right to exist, he is the leaving proof of a way of living, and his existence in other’s minds can have huge impact.

With a subjective perspective, every individual (past, present or fictional) can represent a model, a set of values, etc…

Individuals aggregate meanings unto their cognitive processes more or less consciously.

The semantergic context already exists, we live in. 

What’s missing is tools to play with meanings.

And maybe also a “Semantic I”.

Also, what’s missing is tools to helps individuals control their own meanings, and not be slaves of other’s meanings like “money”, “government”, “laws”, etc…

All these social constructs are basically social contracts that have been signed something like a century ago at the very least, by individuals about which we can doubt about the underlying motivations of their actions…

These structures seem REAL but are not, and once we’ll have the tools to play consciously with the tissue, the womb of society, ideas, innovations, love/hate… Then, lots will be possible, because the Context seems to play an important part in One’s Choices.

We need to find a semantic trick or something so that anyone can get that meanings are relative and not absolute…

We can also consider logics, decency, rethoric and lots of other cognitive tools or social rules as evolutionary dead ends as they are responsible of most of semantic frictions.

Also, i consider the meaning "Truth’ the Mother of semantic dementia.

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