Semantic Social Network Analysis: the video

Back at the Open Village Festival, @amelia, @jason_vallet and I committed to a videocamera our views about Semantic Social Network Analysis, the main tool behind opencare’s large-scale ethnography. I believe that SSNA can be a game changer: with it, ethnography can reach the scale of operations of large surveys, while maintaining a serendipity and robustness to framing bias that surveys do not have. Here is the edited video: if you want to know more about SSNA you can read this paper, prepared for the Internet Science Conference 2017. A longer, journal-version paper is in the pipeline.


This is super strong @alberto et all, well done!

i’m so interested !!! @nadia , in our first meeting in Medenine, she introduced to us what’s meant by ethnography and it seems very usefull to me, especially the innovative way how to provide social informations by networking !! good job guys


could the link for the paper here be updated @alberto? or is there a more recent one?

Unfortunately not yet. The paper was accepted by a journal called Field Methods, but has not been published yet. I think it was tentatively planed for the first issue of 2020. @amelia will know more.

Thank you for the information

‘your article is accepted for publication in FIELD METHODS.

your article is tentatively scheduled for volume 32(3), 2020.

your article will appear in advance of publication in the online-first space of the journal’s website, at

we will be in touch next when we prepare your article for publication.

thank you for giving us the opportunity to review your work.‘