September event on stewardship of digital assets

As part of a contract with Matera 2019 (not yet signed), we are supposed to deliver an event (small, but with an European dimension, so international speakers). This would stand back-to-back with OSMIT14, the annual meetup of the Italian OpenStreetMap community (3-5 October), and deal with community stewardship of digital assets. Arguably, the OSM dataset itself is a major digital asset, cared for by a community. We have put down a small budget (9300 euro) for speakers and services (info. See lines 24-29 of the “Budget 2.1” tab). This event may or may not merge with Living On The Edge 4 – The Stewardship. In general, in the unMonastery is live in the fall, we could attempt to do LOTE4 in Matera; if not,we’d probably choose Berlin. The digital assets event, on the other hand, has to happen in Matera.

This looks like a good chance for the Viral Academy. We could somehow engineer a path from the Piccianello event in May to the September event, in which an open server would be turned over to the community. This would be a teaching resource for the VA; at the same time, the VA could teach people in town how to maintain it, and spread practical knowledge about all things open with the excuse of the server. The final goal of all this is to skill up the community so that it can steward on assets, like an open server; the VA is a skilling engine.

Makes sense?

(maybe @napo and @simonecortesi have some useful advice. I am including them in the conversation here because they are both elders if the OSM community, and also on Edgeryders.)

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I hope to understand correctly.

I can think about a short “viralized” training on html maps to be taught to children. As in coderdojo you learn to make HTML, you extend it to take back your local area, with a subjective view of the world thru maps.

  1. html

  2. leaflet.js

  3. overpass-api

OSM Dojo

Yes @simonecortesi that sounds perfect. I’d like to flesh out the OSM related elements - and break them down into small chunks as part of a “course”. For my part, I’d like to work with the REST API.

Do you have any docs or url’s (a reading list) - I’d like to start making a list of topics that we can teach virally - chunks that can be described in a 6-8 min video and be part of an hours workshop.

Aim is to make baby steps between now and the end of May (helping out with the Piccianello event), and take this towards a really well planned event in September. Hoping to meet @marc today to see if there is any synergy there.

This looks good! How can I help?

The involvement of CoderDojo and the VA on OSM and community assets is a great idea.

I held a workshop this past weekend on different mapping tools - showing the underpinning of how to plot locations and going over specific uses for OpenStreetMaps and services like Mapbox and Ramblr. This was particularly geared toward the Piccianello event later this month and the Mapping the Commons project at large, encouraging members of the community to add to a multimedia map of experiences and assets in Matera. This aspect will ultimately take the form of a website - a WordPress working from the code used for and taking inspiration from sites like - the maintenance of which would ideally be transferred to one or several of the organizations involved. I’m working on setting up the basic framework now and looking to host a workshop later this week about developing and updating the site.

I just wanted to chime in to mention some of the initiatives I’ve been developing as part of MTC and OpenTechSchool to align our projects and overlaps. I agree with @fortyfoxes that an OSM reading list of sorts would be very helpful. I believe @Marc, @fortyfoxes, and I will be meeting tomorrow morning about the Open Source event, so we’ll likely have more to contribute then.

Coderdojo not involved that I know of

@simonecortesi is using CoderDojo as an example. They have volunteered to come to Matera for free, but someone would still need to pay for their trip. I put this on David’s plate, in case he thinks he can use their help for building engagement for the VA. @piersoft is in contact with them.

right, Alberto

@alberto yes I just used coderdojo as an example. Anyway, anyone can be coderdojo, there is no formal training involved with licencing the name/format.

@Kei 596acres is really nice

@fortyfoxes may I suggest and uMap we are currently working on a 6 minutes video, but it won’t be ready before july.