Serbia event(s) planning 22-24 November

Notes from our conversation at the Reef in Brussels today:

The Plan is to have

  • 1 day workshop in Belgrade
  • 1/2 day event in Becej
  • hire a new event organiser (by recommendation of Jasen)

Saturday 23 November: Workshop in Belgrade

A workshop about Collaboration, Human Interaction and why they matter. (need to find good translation in Serbian)

Friday pre-event drinks with participants and friends in Belgrade 19:00 -

Main event


  • The story of Edgeryders and the Wellbeing Festival. What is the driving force for us to have created it all? Stories of collaboration from around the world (?) 10’ maximum!
  • Participants produce their own stories for a Wellbeing in Serbia Online Library. 2hrs

Lunch time


  • The value of human interaction. How do we turn our personal journeys into something productive?
    Why collaboration is great i.e. co-working spaces as places to meet other people to work with on your new projects.

Communal dinner & wrapup

Sunday: Trip to Becej

add here about…

Organisational Tasks:

  1. Virtual Cafe by Jasen as followup to the meetups in September: present participants with the format and ask them what they wish to contribute 7-10 October
  2. Noemi onboards workshop organiser/ communicator DL 7 October
  3. Write down Call for event and invitations DL 10 October
  4. Book flights 2x220 EUR.
  5. Very important for the registration process:
    On : replace the button to join the Virtual Cafe with Get your ticket Form to sign up to the festival - the same form as here:
    Serbian for ‘Join the Workshop’ = Pridruzite se radionici
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Even better, instead of pridruzite se radionici would be “ucestvujte u radionici”, which means participate in the workshop literally

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We have an online call (virtual cafe) set up for Wednesday, from 18h to 19h. Can you set it up Noemi?

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Hei, done!

This is the link:

Note: at 5PM on Wednesday there will be the Urban games call led by @natalia_skoczylas. I think it should not take more than 1 hour?

At 6PM we also have the POPREBEL team meeting.

For both of these, we usually use the edgeryders zoom account to host. But because Edgeryders login can only be used for 1 meeting at a time, I will make sure to not use the account at 6PM, so you can use it. Normally, meeting participants can join without host, which means the link is active and working, and I will use it for POPREBEL but without being logged in.

Huh, they usually last longer as people just love discussing these things. But I will make sure this one doesn’t.

Hello! Proud to be called one of the organizers of this event! :wink:
Can we translate that story @wlayche wrote to serbian and put it here ->
That story is great and very interesting topic!

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I see no reason why not, could you do it yourself or should we look for a translator? or maybe @wlayche wants to do it?

Very happy to welcome you on board, Tamara! I bet it will be an amazing event :wink:

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Oh thank you ! :slight_smile:
Of course I can translate it but it would be better if author do it herself. @Noemi will try to contact her, since she isn’t so active anymore, if she doesn’t respond-I’ll do it!


For these next few days, Tamara, let’s prioritize the event launch :slight_smile: