Set up the second LOTE5 community call

@KiraVde, @Noemi, @ireinga, are you ready for the second LOTE5 call avec café et croissants? I think it is high time to follow up, we have so much to do and the clock is running…


You’re right, time is flying. There is an event for this call set on Thu morning. Unfortunately I can only do Thursday evening or next week, what about the rest of you?

Anything to prepare in advance of the call?


Since this is partly physical – and the physical part is mostly aimed at the Antiheroes community – it is essential that @KiraVde or @ireinga or both are available.

I’m available on the time pre-vu

But in the evening @ireinga is hosting a sensefiction on future of finance in Ghent, and I’m going along to help.

Do we know from any others that would like to be in the meeting?

I have a communication idea to reach out to FuckUp BXL community, which we could effectuate next week.

Other way around

We would normally set a date and time, and who comes comes. It would be nice to maintain the same day of the week and time, smaller cognitive load. Just pick one! The only wrong decision is not making a decision. smiley

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Hi, I would also like to join


I would also like to join but this week I am away from a stable Internet connection. Any day is good for me.

Thursday morning

Sounds like a regular week schedule that we could fix. It’s easier to remember for everyone and to communicate. We promise very good notes for those that won’t make it :wink:

I propose an agenda:

  • Event design: individual sessions vs focus. We need to come up with a strategy that balances bottom-up unexpected encounters and focus on flagship projects (deliverables reflecting immediate priorities of supporters). I have an idea on how to overcome this tension.

  • Partners brainstorming: call to action round. You can find here a list of people @KiraVde and I could get in touch with. We need supporting and community partners, together with space and media allies. I suggest we come up with a final list of people, a communication strategy and roles.

  • Final call for the name decision. Who is against the great unfail speaks or forever hold your peace :stuck_out_tongue:

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So be it

Ok, so we have a date and time. “Setting up” a call also means:

  1. creating an event on Edgeryders.
  2. pushing it out onto social media, so that people know about it
  3. (perhaps) creating an even on Facebook too?
  4. coffee (on me) and croissants.

Welcome, @AlexandruRadu! If you cannot make it this week, we’ll talk the next smiley

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Social media, true story

I’m creating the facebook event. And I can take care of croissants too this time :wink:

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Marking task as done.